Sunday, 21 August 2016

Summer Knitting 2016

Earlier this year I snapped up some cheap 4 ply cotton yarn at a ridiculous price, so I have made a couple of new tops this year.  Difficult to photograph this one, it looks so much better worn!
 The pattern is called Sunspot, for obvious reasons.

 This cardigan pattern is by Martin Storey and was originally done in two colours, I used just one and lengthened the sleeves as well since I had plenty of yarn.  I'm pleased with this, it turned out well.  I did have trouble with the gauge for other of these.  While you can rely on the weights of woollen yarns, I do find cotton yarns are more unpredictable, with 4 ply by one maker not the same as 4 ply by another.  I had to knit a smaller size in all these knits to match up.

 The last one, a Pat Menchini pattern, was a reknit of some old yarn in a garment I don't wear anymore.  It hangs badly on the hanger, but stretches to fit nicely.
 Here's a close-up of the pattern, an easy knit once I got into it.  You can also just see the mottled yarn, Patons Linen Shadow.
 Unfortunately while the yarn I had should have completed the pattern it didn't stretch!  This yarn is long discontinued so I couldn't get any more.  After rummaging through a yarn store I found a contrast which happily is the same shade as the mottled part of the yarn though different in appearance and 50% acrylic rather than linen/cotton.
However, I do think it works quite well and since this is a sweater to wear around the home in the summer it will be fine.  At least I have reused the yarn, I don't like to keep clothes I don't wear.