Sunday, 15 March 2015

Insufficient Yarn!

I'm a very economical knitter, always have yarn over and so when looking at this sweater for my Mum, where we had 10 x 110m balls instead of 10 x 116m balls, thought that this would do given I was going to shorten the body by around 6cm and the sleeves by around 5cm.

After starting the back and getting onto my third ball I became concerned that the yarn estimate was inaccurate.  There are a lot of yarn overs in the pattern which always take more that a straight knit.  So I stopped there and knitted the sleeves to see what was left.  After doing the maths I worked out I had enough yarn for a sweater for a dwarf, or a sweater with a back and one-third of a front!  I do think the yardage is wrong for this pattern - Ghyll in The Knitter 78.

So I frogged it, the yarn is now awaiting Mum's decision on something else.

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