Sunday, 15 February 2015

10 Year Blanket Project

Well, I think it's 10 years, but it may be longer!  This blanket started as a way to use up left over ends of sock wool.  I have knitted a lot of socks in recent years and there are 70 squares in this blanket!  The bag containing these squares has been sitting in a corner for some years and a few months ago I decided that the time had come to do something with them.

The hardest decision was how to arrange them as there are very different colourways.  Eventually I decided on doing them in themed blocks - in the photo you can see a blue corner bottom left, an orange/green middle and a pink themed top and right hand edge (I had a lot of pink!).  They were slightly different sizes which also caused problems but that has eased a little by stretching it while damp.  I used longer ends of 4 ply to do the border, again in alternating colourways which pick up the colours of the centre.

All in all a successful way to use up a lot of left over 4 ply.