Sunday, 15 March 2015

Insufficient Yarn!

I'm a very economical knitter, always have yarn over and so when looking at this sweater for my Mum, where we had 10 x 110m balls instead of 10 x 116m balls, thought that this would do given I was going to shorten the body by around 6cm and the sleeves by around 5cm.

After starting the back and getting onto my third ball I became concerned that the yarn estimate was inaccurate.  There are a lot of yarn overs in the pattern which always take more that a straight knit.  So I stopped there and knitted the sleeves to see what was left.  After doing the maths I worked out I had enough yarn for a sweater for a dwarf, or a sweater with a back and one-third of a front!  I do think the yardage is wrong for this pattern - Ghyll in The Knitter 78.

So I frogged it, the yarn is now awaiting Mum's decision on something else.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Recycled Cardi

 This cardi was knitted out of Noro (Silk Garden, I think) which I recycled from a top I no longer wear.  When you unravel a project, the books tell you to wash the yarn but I didn't bother, just balled it up and re-knitted it straight away.
Noro's a good quality yarn that will stand this kind of treatment, and the cardigan looks great, no kinks other than the ones inherent in the  irregular noro yarn.  And so warm....

Sunday, 15 February 2015

10 Year Blanket Project

Well, I think it's 10 years, but it may be longer!  This blanket started as a way to use up left over ends of sock wool.  I have knitted a lot of socks in recent years and there are 70 squares in this blanket!  The bag containing these squares has been sitting in a corner for some years and a few months ago I decided that the time had come to do something with them.

The hardest decision was how to arrange them as there are very different colourways.  Eventually I decided on doing them in themed blocks - in the photo you can see a blue corner bottom left, an orange/green middle and a pink themed top and right hand edge (I had a lot of pink!).  They were slightly different sizes which also caused problems but that has eased a little by stretching it while damp.  I used longer ends of 4 ply to do the border, again in alternating colourways which pick up the colours of the centre.

All in all a successful way to use up a lot of left over 4 ply.