Friday, 5 December 2014

Catching Up....

A long time since I posted, was very busy for several months but a bit more back to normal now.  My obsession this year has been lace knitting, and I have been trying to use up yarns in my stash, mostly coned yarns which I have had for some time.  So here are a few projects:

 This is a loose top which I can wear over other things, it is knitted in a fine alpaca yarn and the photos really don't do it justice sadly.  A quick knit.

 This is a crochet top from Dohra Ohrenstein's book, it's floating tee and despite the fact it took ages and was fiddly, it worked well!  Another remnant coned yarn, 100% wool but it drapes well with a touch of warmth from the wool content.

Ever tried taking a photo of dark brown yarn?  My advice is don't, nightmare. This is a shawl which I knitted out of an undyed 100% welsh black lace yarn, turned out really well and done in a week!