Friday, 5 December 2014

Catching Up....

A long time since I posted, was very busy for several months but a bit more back to normal now.  My obsession this year has been lace knitting, and I have been trying to use up yarns in my stash, mostly coned yarns which I have had for some time.  So here are a few projects:

 This is a loose top which I can wear over other things, it is knitted in a fine alpaca yarn and the photos really don't do it justice sadly.  A quick knit.

 This is a crochet top from Dohra Ohrenstein's book, it's floating tee and despite the fact it took ages and was fiddly, it worked well!  Another remnant coned yarn, 100% wool but it drapes well with a touch of warmth from the wool content.

Ever tried taking a photo of dark brown yarn?  My advice is don't, nightmare. This is a shawl which I knitted out of an undyed 100% welsh black lace yarn, turned out really well and done in a week!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Stashbusting Beret

 I had one ball of Highland Alpaca Fino left from another project, it is nice yarn but it has limitations in that it is soft, breakable and slightly stretchy.  So not good for gloves.  I settled on a slip stitch beret by Isolda Teague.  It's actually knitted flat on two needles, using short rows to shape it.  In the photo above you can see the provisional cast on, which is undone afterwards, with the two edges cast off together at the end to join it up.
 Here it is after finishing - the casting off leaves a hole in the middle which you have to join by running yarn round it and pulling it up.  It's quite small once finished.
 After blocking on a dinner plate it is much bigger, though you can see the shape of the plate in it! I think that will wear off in time.  I did use bigger needles than recommended due to the character of the yarn - I used 5mm and judging by the comments of others who found it small, this was a good idea.  But you can also put in an extra repeat or two of the pattern if you find it small, just wrap it round your  head before casting off to check.  
Here's a close-up of the pattern, it is very pretty and a very clever patter, but does take a bit of concentration!

Thursday, 17 April 2014


 It's been a while since I posted here, I have been concentrating on using up my stash and will post the results soon.  Meantime, here are some pictures of sheep I snapped yesterday, this is the nursery field where new lambs and mothers go for the first 24 hours after birth.  A nice Jacob (?) ewe and her black lamb, with the Texels.
 I didn't want to get too close or linger too long so as not to upset them as they were a bit skittish, here's a couple of twins.
This ewe was more relaxed, perhaps older and more used to people passing by.  Her lamb was just a couple of hours old and still a bit wobbly on the pins.  Still lots of ewes to lamb, lambing starts mid April here and lasts for about 10 days, as these sheep do not get shelter and have to lamb outdoors.