Friday, 6 September 2013

Using up my Stash Part 4

 I am still trying to get my vast quantities of materials down, and this is the latest.  These are mitts which reach almost to the elbow and great for this time of year. The pattern is from Knitting 110 and features a plain stocking stitch palm.
 The yarn is a Blue Faced Leicester which I bought on a cone a few years ago.  It goes a really long way, I have already made the world's longest shawl with it, and hoped this project would finish it off, but it still goes on!  I now have to find something else to make with this!
This is not so much using up my stash as recycling.  I really hate throwing things away if there is still some use in them and while jersey tops may no longer be completely wearable, often there is  good stretch of fabric which can still be used.  So I have cut a number of tops up into long continuous strips and crocheted a pouff using a 10mm hook.  Inside there is a cushion cover made of an old pair of trousers (two circles of fabric, if you cut off one seam of the trouser leg and open it out you get a good piece of cloth), and the cushion itself is stuffed with old clothes and old knitting - a sweater which has felted and matted, for example.  This is very nice to rest my feet on as I knit!