Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cockleshell Lace Sweater

 This was an impulse knit from some very cheap yarn I found at Boundary Mill recently.  It's a mixture of bamboo and cotton and drapes beautifully.  As lace knits go, this is a very easy one, with lots of plain knit and purl, so good TV knitting.  It's stretchy and fits the figure nicely, with the shaping introduced to the sides.
The sleeves are simpler, with just a column of the lace pattern down the centre, making shaping very easy.  They're also a nice length, finishing just above the wrist.  The neckline is finished in crochet, which is a clever idea as the stretchy fabric would otherwise gape,  the crochet pulls it in and creates a firm edge which does not stretch.
Here's a close-up of the patterns.  The bottom edge has two patterns, the first creating a scalloped edge and the second is the cockleshell pattern itself.  The main body is done in columns of alternating lace and cockleshell, quite easy once you have learned it.  This is likely to be my last knit for summer, though I still have some hemp yarn to play with. I have lots of other  projects to work on though, to try to use up all the stuff I have bursting out of cupboards!


  1. love the border. have been looking for the cockleshell pattern, but can't find it. Can you help?

    1. There are a couple of variations of this pattern in stitch dictionaries, you may want to try to find a good pattern book for this.