Wednesday, 10 April 2013

More Stash Busting...

 My drive to reduce the quantities of yarn hiding under the corner table continues (the yarn long since burst out of the cupboard).  This is the first of two mitts in Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed aran, left over from a previous project.  The pattern serendipitously arrived this week in a supplement from Knitting Magazine. Should use every scrap of the yarn, yippee!
 Next is a lampshade covering which I started last year.  My plan now is to work down to the bottom in mesh, put some kind of edging on the bottom in the pale pink yarn you see at the top and then place occasional flowers/shapes/whateverthehellifancy at various points across the mesh, taking care not to miss the point in that it is supposed to shed light...  The main yarn is a dk cotton, but I will still have more yarn left so will have to find another project.
 This is another project I started last year, a 4ply cotton lace sweater.  As we never got a summer, I lost interest and put it away.  But now it has to be finished, summer or no summer!  It's a 70 row pattern which is unfortunately printed badly with slightly blurry edges, making it hard work.  I always get things wrong running up to row 60 and have to spend time pulling back or counting very carefully.  There are no "purl" rows in this so it does require a lot of concentration. The back is done and I am now approaching the armholes on the front, so I am making good progress.  I'm sure it will look good once blocked, at present it looks a bit messy, like all lace does when you're working it.
These bags contain the next part of my stash which has to go, they are all 4 ply but I have more of some than others.  At present my plan is to find a pattern or two to use as much of the multi coloured yarn on the left, then consider my options with the rest.  I have a large number of 4 ply crochet squares already made, so I am considering whether to dedicate the remainder to that project.

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