Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Using up my Stash

 A few years ago an over-enthusiastic postman broke the draft excluder on the inside of my letter box and since then there has been a gale blowing through it.  So I decided Something Had to be Done and in the interests of using up some of my stash, selected a thick handspun Balwen yarn from my collection.
 This yarn turned out to be great draught-excluder material.  I crocheted this almost square, just making it slightly smaller at one end.  This was because I wanted to fold it over for maximum thickness:
 I removed the old draught excluder, folded the new one so the shortest side was on front and then used two screws to attach it in exactly the same place as the old one.  The  short edge was pulled tight as a result, thus pressing the other edge flat against the door and making a good seal.  You cannot believe the difference this piece of fabric makes in the hall!
 Next was some yarn left over from one of my Other half's sweaters.  I found a nice beret pattern in an old edition of Inside Crochet, and adapted it for this thicker yarn by using a bigger hook and reducing the number of rows.
 I'm not a beret person, so I'm wearing it something like this.  Nice and cosy and it doesn't mess up my hair too much.
 This yarn was left over alpaca from a sweater I made for Mum last Christmas.  This crochet pattern was designed for DK yarn, not the 4 ply I used, but as she has tiny, tiny hands, I just downsized the hook and I think these handwarmers will fit perfectly.  The photo would look better if they were worn at the time but I don't want to stretch them by putting them on.
Finally, a laceweight sweater for me.  The brown yarn is alpaca, the cream pure wool, both coned yarns for machine knitting.  They fluff up after washing.  This sweater was inspired by a thin sweater I saw in Next in October.  An easy way to use up spare yarn.

I still have lots of yarn in my stash, am determined to use it up, so will keep at it....