Friday, 23 November 2012

Knitting and Crochet this week...

 I really wanted to finish this sweater this week, it's one of my few long sleeve sweaters, which I will need soon as it is turning colder.  It's knitted in Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed; I've used this yarn before and discovered from experience that as it is a roving yarn, it needs a pattern rather than plain knit, or it twists. The pattern is from a recent Knitting Magazine, though there it is done in a striped knit pattern rather than plain.  Having this wool in my stash, I decided it would be a good choice for a sweater.
 The neck is one in crochet (you can do a knitted edge if you want), though I had to adjust it as the pattern was too much for this neckline.  So instead of 5 htr/tr in each dc, there are only three.  It's not as scalloped as the original as a result, but fits better.
 Another crochet project was this scarf, using a pattern from a book, shell mesh, plus standard shells on the bottom (as in the mustard tunic above).  The slightly uneven look to this scarf is largely down to the yarn, which is a handspun silk.  Never again, silk is awful to spin by hand, so the yarn is a bit thin 'n' thick, hence the slighty uneven appearance.
But as a scarf, no-one will notice, it feels lovely against the skin and drapes well, what more could a girl want?

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