Friday, 12 October 2012

So much knitting, so little time!

 Have been very busy lately, so this blog has got a little neglected.  I do hope to remedy that over the winter, but in the meantime here is a snapshot of what I'm up to.  This is SMC Select Highland Alpaca Fino, which is being made into a sweater, though it started out as a different sweater - long story which I shall no doubt relate in due course.
 This is a laceweight mohair sweater,  which I shall also feature at slightly more length shortly.  A very satisfying project.
And finally, I went to the Manchester Crafting expo on the hunt for some laceweight mohair (above) and any other bargains I could find.  I found this pack of Debbie Bliss in a gorgeous mustard colour, at a nice discount.    I have knitted with it before so knew the kind of pattern I wanted and have finally found one I think will do the job, just need to finish the sweater at the top of this page first before I will allow myself to start it!

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