Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Little Crochet

 I got this book earlier in the year, it's a treasure and I've been keen to try it out, but I also don't want to buy more yarn, so using up my stash is key.
 So I picked this which combines using stash yarn with one of my favourite techniques - motif crochet.
Sadly the camera does not capture the colour well, it's burgundy with variegations.  What's nice about this pattern is that the front uses one motif and back is made up of different motifs, such a clever idea.
Finally,  this is a adhoc project, using my handwoven silk, small in quantity and not good enough quality (the spinning, not the silk!) for heavy wear.  So this is going to be a scarf, in a shell and mesh design. I got the pattern from The Knitting and Crochet Bible and decided it would work well with the silk. I have other knitting projects on the go, but crochet is a different action which takes pressure off my overworked right elbow!

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