Sunday, 26 August 2012

Knitting in August

 I have been busy knitting, mostly fine summer yarns which take forever!  This one is in a remnant machine yarn which shrinks slightly when washed.  I had already worked out the shrinkage so knitted a couple of sizes bigger to compensate.   It shrinks a little more lengthwise at 12.5% compared to widthwise at 10%, so it isn't quite the shape the pattern indicates.   Since I'm short in the body that isn't a problem but it is one of the perils of using unusual yarns.  It’s a nice layering piece for summer.
This is another summer knit but it won't be finished until next summer!  It's called Daydream by Marie Wallington and I'm using Patons 4 ply cotton.

One of the reasons it will take so long is that it's fiendishly complicated, with a 70 row pattern which takes a massive amount of concentration.  I also have a minor problem with my left arm and I find this comfortable to knit only for shirt periods.   You can't see the pattern easily in this photo as it isn't lying quite flat and will need wet blocking.  But it is very pretty and we'll worth the effort, at present I'm close to finishing the back.  Now that I've got the hang of the pattern, I'll post a but more about this when I start the front.
 I wanted to start knitting with a recent purchase of lovely alpaca wool, but found my Mum had the pattern book I needed, so I have started another project instead.  This yarn is a lovely pinkish colour and us another machine remnant I found in Ebay.  It's oiled and a bit stiff, so I decided it would hold a lace pattern well.  It's knitting quickly as it's on large needles,  so this will be done in a few weeks, the back is already done.  I'm getting quite into 'layering' pieces as it gives more options for wearing and it has short sleeves.  The wavy shaping us a function of the lace pattern, so it's easy.
I always have a few projects on the go at the same time and as we move into autumn I like to have a simple knit in the needles which allows me to watch TV at the same time.  This is another machine remnant, silk and cotton and very soft.   I've chosen a 2 x 2 rib so it will be a close fitting base garment over which I can wear other things.

Lots of knitting to do, not enough time to do it!