Sunday, 15 July 2012

Summer Knitting

 I am trying to knit more summer sweaters and cardigans as our "summer" is more like autumn these days.  This is a cardigan from Noro Catwalk Two, which has provided several garments now.  I knitted it in Araucania aran cotton.   It’s quite short but will add an extra layer on our chilly summer days.

I'm particularly proud of the buttons, which I found in a local antiques shop.  I try to recycle buttons wherever possible but after perusing the trays of buttons arranged by colour, thought I wouldn't be able to get some of exactly the right colour.  But then I spotted a box on the bottom shelf containing bags of coat buttons.  I hunted through the collection and found these - 3 for £1.  There were actually four buttonholes on the cardi so since I only had three,  I closed up the bottom one with some swiss darning. .
I'm currently working on this sleeveless sweater, in a 4 ply mixed linen yarn.  It is slow work being a fine yarn.  The colour shows strangely in this photo, the edges are more representative of the colour.  I tried this machine remnant out in a crochet pattern and determined that shrinkage was around 10%, so I'm knitting two sizes bigger to compensate.   Hope to have more on this next time.

I'm also planning my next project, in hemp...

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