Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mum's Birthday Cardigan

 The second of the three projects I've finished this week is my Mum's birthday cardigan.  This was a pattern from Simply Knitting and she really liked the colour of the one in the magazine.  It's knitted in Debbie Bliss Bella, and while it was difficult to get the yarn,  it has knitted up really well.  It has gentle waist shaping, and the only difficult thing about it was the patterns had different repeats - one 8 rows, one 24.  So a bit of mental arithmetic was called for.
Here's a close up of the two patterns, looking an odd shade of pink for some reason.  Finding buttons for this colour was a challenge, with the help of Sue in the woolshop, we found some see-through buttons which blend in quite well.  So all ready for the birthday this week.


  1. Wow, wish I were your Mum...

  2. Luckily 3 repeats of the one pattern are one of the other, there is a pont where both are finished.

  3. Thanks, Gabi. Yes, it was question of dividing by 3 to match patterns. Anyway, I presented it to her this morning and she's delighted with it.