Monday, 18 June 2012


This is Carys, which turned out to be a surprisingly quick knit.  The yarn is Sandesgarn DK, which was nice to work with.  The pictures are taken before blocking, couldn't wait, so it doesn't look quite its best.  It looks great over a darker top.  The pattern was in The Knitter 45.

There are several different patterns, and one in particular was fiddly, you can just see it at the top and bottom of the pattern in the centre of the photo.  It involved wrapping the yarn around the needle three  times and then dropping the loops on the next row, then binding them together to create a kind of sheaf shape.
My only quibble with this pattern is the yarn allocation; while I did use a different yarn, I was only couple of hundred metres short of the required length.  But I was very short of yarn.  I shortened the armhole section (and then, by necessity, the sleeve head), did a simple garter stitch neckline and reduced the sleeve length by omitting the first two repeats of the border pattern.  Still, it was close, after sewing up I had 10cm of yarn left!  So if you fancy knitting this, you might want to think about buying one or two extra balls.

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