Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wriggle Cardigan

This has been a fairly quick knit, hampered only by the fact I didn't have nearly enough yarn.   As a result one of the sleeves has been part re-knitted twice, and the other one once.

It has what the pattern calls a "wriggle" stitch, which is a chain of stitches created by yon, then passing the previous stitch over several times.   Unusual and fun.  Anyway it's a nice summer cardigan,  knitted in Patons cotton.

Next project is my Mum's birthday present...

Saturday, 7 April 2012


I finally finished this rather lovely sweater this week.  The pattern is by Sarah Hatton, in The Knitter.

The main stitch used in this is an eyelet stitch, which involves knitting 3 together, yo and k3 tog again.  This is fiddly and I found it hard on my hands, given that it's a summer top in a non-stretchy cotton yarn.  If you're a tight knitter, you can forget it!  But what's worse is that the second time you do the eyelet stitch in the repeat, you're supposed to do it through the back of the loop.  I drew the line at the gymnastics required to achieve this, so instead I did a slip 1, k2 tog, yo, k2 tog again, psso.  It looks very similar to the tbl version but is much, much easier.  If I stuck with the tbl, it wouldn't be finished until winter!

The lace pattern at the top is nice and easy, once you get into it, and it fits beautifully.  It's supposed to be a generous fit but I knitted down a size.  From experience, "summer"yarns tend to stretch and sag, and I've found that my shape these days due to increased exercise means that I'm a smaller dress size at the shoulders than at the chest.  On balance, I prefer the shoulders of garments to fit rather than drop off, and so it's a closer fit across the chest than the pattern suggests.

I used Louisa Harding Albero for this top, which is a nice yarn with a lovely drape, in my opinion.  Feels good too.