Sunday, 26 February 2012

Recycled Chunky Waistcoat

This winter I decided to rip back and recycle garments that I didn't wear any more and this is my first completed project.  The yarn was a handspun merino which I made into a short sleeved sweater which didn't fit very well.  It seemed a waste to have it sitting in the drawer, so I ripped it back and looked for a pattern to match the amount of yarn.

The pattern is a japanese one, and the details are on Ravelry, it's simply charted.  Japanese women appear to be (a) small and (b) all the same size as only one size was provided.  The pattern really couldn't be resized to fit my slightly bigger frame, so what to do?  The pattern called for chunky yarn, but my handspun is borderline super chunky, so I decided to go up a hook size and see if that fixed the problem.  It did, and the waistcoat now fits perfectly.

The only slightly challenging thing was that the chart only gives the pattern for one of the fronts, so I had to figure out how to reverse it for the other one.  I suppose I could have done two the same and just turned it round, but I wanted the two fronts to be the same, with the stitches worked on the same side on the same rows.  Probably only I would have noticed the reversal, but I would still have known!  So I performed some mental gymnastics and worked the second front backwards, i.e. started the foundation chain at the opposite end.  All I had to do then was substitute the 3ch at the end of the row for a tr and vice versa.

One other thing was the method for doing the buttonholes was unclear.  I slip stitched 3 stitches for each hole, and added an extra row for the edging as I thought 3 rows wasn't enough.

The buttons are wooden ones which I got free with a magazine.  I don't anticipate washing this garment much, but I've fixed the buttons with one piece of yarn simply tied on the wrong side so when it does need washing I can simply snip them off and easily replace them afterwards.

Working crochet with such a thick yarn was new to me, but great fun and I'm pretty happy with the result.

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