Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Knitting - Mission Accomplished!

I made it, just!  All my Christmas presents are finished, though it has required some furious knitting over the last few weeks.  The gansey was started on April 19, finished yesterday and is still slightly damp in a couple of places!  Very difficult to photograph as it's huge, made for a 6 foot 2 man and is the only sweater he has ever had which is the right length.  Commercial patterns go up in sizes but they don't tend to add length for the tall man, so I always add some but it's never been enough, until now.  For this I added 8 inches to the standard length, so he'll be cosy when standing on a cold railway station platform.

Designing this gansey from scratch was a big learning curve, many thanks to Gordon at for his advice and invaluable website.  I have made a couple of mistakes in my design process, but only I will know which is ok.  But for my first gansey, I'm really happy with it.
Here are my Mum's socks.  The feet look like wedges of cheese!  There are two reasons for this; firstly the honeycomb pattern across the top slightly distorts the feet, and secondly she has really tiny feet.  This means that once you've finished decreasing after the heel, you're almost ready to start the toes!  I do like knitting socks for her, much quicker than for anyone else!
And finally, Mum's lacy jumper.  This was a pattern from Knitting magazine, November issue I think.  It's lovely but took a lot longer than I expected.  Knitted in Artesano alpaca 4ply, it really is beautiful and I know Mum will love it, I try to knit things for her that she would never attempt for herself and this is a classic.  I might make one for myself one day, but not for a while, the memory of endless weeks knitting this is still too painful!  But it has turned out beautifully, even if I say so myself.

So now it's back to knitting for me.  My Christmas present from Mum consists of SMC Select pattern book 003 and a consignment of Rowan Fine Lace, but I have two other projects lined up first, plus finishing a pair of socks for my Other Half.  Onwards and upwards...

Have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.