Sunday, 16 October 2011

Gansey Progress

After months of knitting, I finally reached the armholes of OH's gansey.  As I checked it against him, I did, I confess, accuse him of growing in height during the knitting.  This is a little unlikely, I think.  More probably it was my gloomy frame of mind in knitting for a man a good few inches over 6 foot tall.  Moral: if you're a knitter, pick a small man, they're easier.

It was rather difficult to measure the gansey against him while it was on one circular needle because he's broad as well as tall and a 52 inch chest gets compressed on the needle.  So after dividing I checked again and it looks perfect - the body length is a full 5 inches longer than the largest size given on the free Frangipani pattern leaflet, so it should be just right.

I did the armhole gussets in reverse stocking stitch as instead of one seam stitch on each side I had three purl stitches, so it made sense to go with the same pattern.  Anyway, now I'm working each side separately it's going much faster, though it is strange working the pattern backwards and forwards instead of in the round.

Apologies for the poor quality picture, light levels here have been very low due to incessant rain, plus the gansey is a dark colour so my camera really wasn't very cooperative.

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