Monday, 3 October 2011

Crazy Cable Socks

Every year I knit a pair of socks for my nearest and dearest, and this includes me!  So, using some Araucania yarn I had in my stash,  here is my first pair of socks for the winter.  The pattern's called Eunice and it's by CookieA, who clearly has a rather twisted mind!  Cables all the way down, the pattern includes seven charts for different parts of the socks, and the cable crossings require two cable needles so you do need an extra pair of hands.
This was a pattern where I rationed myself to 10 rows at a time to ensure absolute concentration.  Even the heel is cabled, as you can see.
What's rather special about this socks is the combination of lace patterning with cable, quite unique and challenging.  Great fun, and that's another one out of my Ravelry queue, where it sat for over a year!


  1. I've found you through Gordon at!

    A friend of mine and I have been looking at Cookie A's books, but haven't decided if we want to get one (or more). What do you think? Are the patterns easy to follow (we're both experienced knitters)? I have to admit, I'm a little put off by the cheesecake photos of the girls - I'd much rather have more pictures of the socks!


    1. Songbird
      Thanks for dropping by! I've only knit one pattern by Cookie A,and don't have a book - this one was published in The Knitter. But I would do more, think I might have another in my queue. The patterns are well written, but complicated. This particular one involves moving the start of the round back at one point, which is something I've never come across before. If you're an experienced sock knitter and like a challenge, go for it!