Monday, 22 August 2011

Bias Knitting

Sorry about the lack of posting, it's not that I haven't been knitting, it's just that I have so many projects on the go and all have been in the early stages. This sweater is one of them. It's a really clever pattern called Bias Knit Jumper by Fiona Morris (Knitting Magazine 93 September 2011), and the construction is most intriguing. I'm using a machine yarn I have in my stash, which is very thin so this is going to need careful blocking when washed to get it to the right shape, which it isn't quite at the moment. The piece above is the lower and middle back along with the underarm. Yes, you read that right. The phrase "bias knitting" didn't mean much to me, but "short row knitting" is probably one we all recognise, certainly if you knit socks as that's how you shape the heel. In the photo above you can see that the stocking stitch part at the bottom is knit in a standard way from the bottom up but is triangular in shape - that's the short rows. Once you've made your triangle, you move on to this...
By casting on more stitches to the same needle and knitting short rows back and forth, taking in one or two of the stitches from the earlier piece, you not only add the lacy pattern (not very clear in this photo, needs blocking) but you add the middle part of the back at a right angle to the bottom. And that's how you also knit the underarm part of the sleeve on the end. So, so clever and very hard to describe, hope it makes sense! I'm currently working on the underarm sleeve of the front section, then all I have to do is add the top of the sweater in a similar way. A fascinating knit. Will post pics when I finish it.

I'm also still toiling away on the gansey, making a crochet cable sweater and a pair of Cookie A socks. Lots to do, must get back to it!

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