Sunday, 24 July 2011

Two Quick Projects

Over the last few weeks I've been working on a few final summer projects before my knitting thoughts turn to the coming winter. I'm pretty pleased with this cotton sweater, using up some more of the bag of Araucania cotton I bought earlier this year; this is the second sweater I've made with it and I still have two skeins left over. £30 well spent, I think. The last sweater was a lacy knit, so I really didn't know what the colours would do on a plain knit. But I couldn't have designed it better than it turned out, the patterning at the bottom is great.
The base pattern was a Drops pattern for a striped (rather than self-striping) sweater, I chose it because it was the right gauge and I thought it was nicely shaped. It fits well and is rather flattering. With self-patterning yarns you really don't know what will happen, but I like the effect. By the way, if you look carefully at the right hand side of the photo above you can just see the head of my sleeping cat, curled up on the bed!
I've also made my first pair of crochet socks, using some yarn I had left over. This yarn isn't great, it tends to always make up bigger than the pattern requires, and did so again in this case. But these are summer socks, so a good fit isn't necessary - they're just to give my feet a little warmth when I'm sitting knitting on a chilly evening. This was very much an experiment, but a useful one and I have more ideas about crochet socks in future.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Gansey update - July

It's been a while since I posted about the gansey. It's progressing, albeit slowly, but since it's a Christmas present that doesn't matter. As the year wears on, I'm trying to do a few rounds every day - more than that it becomes a chore as it is so big and heavy now. I'm trying not to think about how long it needs to be to fit a 6'2" man before I get to the armholes!

Anyway, I've finally got the cables to my satisfaction, decided that 7 rows is the optimum number between crossings. The triangular "thingies" are also looking good and the moss stitch panels provide a nice contrast to the more interesting panels. All in all, going well.