Sunday, 5 June 2011

Birthday Bag

It's my Mum's birthday this week so I've been beavering away getting this bag finished. Ta-da! The pattern is from Simply Knitting April 2011 (yes, I know it's crochet so shouldn't have been there). It's taken a couple of weeks, I did have to take it back once to fix a mistake. The yarns is Paton's Cotton DK, the hook was 5mm. Paton's cotton is an excellent yarn, and it worked up beautifully.
As you get into the body of the bag, the scallops move slightly to the side each time, which creates a nice effect. Not a difficult pattern, but I couldn't do more than one scallop section each day - what you don't see in the picture is all the rows in between the scallops.

Blocking was a challenge, you actually work this top to bottom (i.e. upside down) so after that the scallops all want to face the wrong way. What I did was put it on an ironing board and starting at the bottom, pulled down the scallops in one row, then held an iron over the row on full steam (not pressing, just above) to damp the cotton. Then I moved on to the row above, and so on. It flattened better than I expected.
Finding a lining material was difficult - the yarn looks pink, but it's actually a pink at the purple end of the spectrum and so all the pink material I looked at was just wrong. I settled on this large pink and purple print in the end. Mum will love this, she's very excited from the occasional glimpse she got as I was working through it. A most satisfying project for me too; now back to the knitting...

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