Monday, 23 May 2011

Not Knitting This Week

Some crochet for a change this week. This is going to be a bag, the pattern's from Simply Knitting magazine and my Mum really liked it. Since she doesn't crochet (I taught myself) she asked me to make it for her birthday. I like the way this is constructed, with scallops worked as whole motifs along the row. It's easy and grows quickly with a 5mm hook. The yarn is Patons cotton DK, which is a lovely cotton I've used before, b0th as DK and 4 ply.
It needs a lining so I went hunting in the remnants shop for a suitable piece of fabric. This proved more difficult than you'd think, it turned out the shades of pink were not normal pinks, but with a strong hint of purple. So this fabric was the closest I could get. I'm also having trouble finding a handle of the correct design, will have to hunt around the internet as none of the handles I've seen in shops so far will work. I'm hoping to finish the crochet part of the bag this week so I can spend time on the lining and handles problem.

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