Monday, 16 May 2011

Knitting Progress 3rd week of May

I started my Sanquhar (Prince of Wales pattern) gloves months ago and they got a bit neglected due to the amount of other knitting at the time. So I'm determined to get them finished and this week made excellent progress. After the false start when I discovered I was knitting a second left glove, a small amount of ripping back and some serious concentration has happily resulted in a right glove instead. I've got the hang of this pattern now; I think Sanquhar gloves are one of those patterns where you improve second time round. This second glove is better than the first, no mistakes in the pattern (that I can see anyway!) and the tension is more consistent. As you can see, the pattern creates lines up the back of the hand, rather like where a leather glove is sewn to create raised sections. Rather a nice effect, I think.
And here's the palm showing the thumb gusset. There are two downsides with this pattern; firstly to create the right glove you have to read the instructions for the left glove, but backwards (yes, really!). Secondly, it repeats rows regularly and this makes it easy to lose track of the stitch number in the thumb gusset as it doesn't specify how many stitches there are in the thumb gusset on the fifth time you knit that row. At one point I probably forgot an increase and the first I knew of it was when it threw the pattern out following. Then of course, I had the dilemma of whether I had missed the increase at the start or the end of the gusset. No idea, so I had to guess. Every so often it does give you an overall stitch count so I just aimed for that and hoped for the best. Oh, and it says "XX stitches and 31 gusset stitches" when it means "XX stitches including 31 gusset stitches", just to make your life even more interesting! Still, the fun is in the challenge with these gloves. So now I just have the fingers and thumb to do - easy enough, just exceedingly fiddly, so I'm hoping to get them finished in the next week.
I also cast on the silk/cotton yarn which I got on Friday. When you buy yarn remnants, they're often oiled, which can throw the gauge out a bit. This is a good example - you can see the difference in the photo above. After washing out the oil, the yarn fluffs up; the gauge was 23.75 stitches before washing, 22 after, so it really pays to do a proper swatch. Of course I'm always too impatient to do a proper size swatch, I knit as little as I think I can get away with!

This is going to be a simple sleeved sweater, shaped at the waist. I'm not using a pattern, just making it up as I go along. It's on 2mm needles (UK 14) so it will take a while, but there's no hurry, it's just an easy occupation in the evening.

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