Friday, 6 May 2011

Gansey Part 2

I've made good progress on the gansey in the last couple of weeks, finishing the rib and starting the pattern. Here you can see the full repeat; cable and a triangle type thingy (half-flag?) bounded by moss stitch on either side. When I was doing my sample knit, what I realised was that what you put on either side is as important as the main pattern. So I have a vertical rib on either side of the cable, with a 6 stitch moss stitch pattern in between.
The triangle pattern has a vertical rib on one side only, which is how it was worked on the examples I looked at, with 2 purl stitches on the right side to set the pattern off. This is a really easy pattern to work but looks quite striking. I thought about doing another main pattern in the body but decided against it as it would look too "busy" to my eyes. Happily Other Half liked the cable and this the best, so I just inserted moss stitch between to keep textural interest.
Here's the cable, a 6 stitch cable twisting to the right. The only question I have in my mind about this is whether it's a bit too "tight" and whether I should add an extra row before the next twist. As always, my sample doesn't look quite the same as the finished version, I seem to be knitting slightly tighter, probably due to the extra stitches/weight on the needles. So I'm going to add one row before the next cable twist and see how it looks.

Although the patterning looks complicated, I find doing this much easier than, say, a lace pattern which requires much more concentration. With a gansey, you just "read" the knitting and know what comes next. With lace you have to actually think about it rather than figure it out. So I think this gansey may take me less time than I expected, as I'm perfectly able to knit while watching TV, with the one exception of the new series of Doctor Who, which requires my full attention as I haven't got a clue what's going on!

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