Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Projects for the Third Week of March

While I'm still finishing off a couple of projects, I've been progressing a couple of new ones. This is the start of Wray, a top down short sleeve cardi worked in laceweight. This is a perfect project for sitting on my small sofa with the cat by my side - she insists on this for a couple of hours in the evening and knitting with long needles is awkward as there isn't room for me, the cat and long needles! So a circular project is ideal. By the way, if you think I could dissuade the cat from this practice, you can't be a cat owner. Once she has decided she is going to sit there, nothing can stop her, she'll sit on the knitting or yarn, or pattern or pursue her game of "chase the row counter on the end of the needle".
And here's my swatch for the gansey. I tried out a few patterns, have decided on the moss stitch (top right), the cable and the diagonal thingies next to it. From this I should be able to do the maths and work out the stitch number for the gansey, which will be knitted on a rather lovely Knit Pro circular which I bought last week.

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