Sunday, 6 March 2011

1st Week of March 2011

This week I finished the trumpet skirt. I did adjust the pattern a bit - the flare isn't as wide and the skirt isn't as long as the pattern stated, but it's fine for me. Besides, by the time each row contained around 500 stitches I was losing the will to live. Also I decided to turn over the top of the skirt to thread a tie through rather than construct an elastic casing using yarn embroidered on the inside. It does make the skirt a little bulkier around the top, but I feel it is more secure and less prone to stretching. I'll be wearing long tops over it anyway, so there's no issue there.

What I noticed in the photo rather than on the skirt itself is how the yarn patterning changes as the rows (or rounds, rather) got longer; from large drifts of colour to thin stripes. An interesting effect. So now I'm looking forward to the warm weather when I can wear it.

This week my yarn arrived from Frangipani. Gorgeous stuff, 5 ply guernsey yarn and I'm feeling very virtuous as it's 100% British wool, spun in Yorkshire. This colourway is olive and a lovely deep colour.

It's destined for a Christmas Gansey for my Other Half - yes, I know I'm starting early but he is over 6 feet tall and this is going to be knitted on 2.25mm needles so I need to get going this spring! I actually haven't got a pattern sorted yet, so the next task is to look at stitch patterns and designs, then knit some swatches to work everything out. Then final approval for the design from OH. Better get back to it then...

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