Sunday, 27 March 2011

End of March, End of a Project!

I really like to finish things, so getting this one done was welcome. This is my fourth knit from Noro Catwalk Two by Jenny Watson, an excellent book containing lots of really useful patterns. I was keen to do something in a lace knit, but being an impatient knitter, this took way too long (7 weeks) as it requires more concentration than a standard knit. At the start I occasionally forgot to pass over slipped stitches and dropped the odd yarn over, but by the end I had ironed out these problems.

However, the pattern is actually easy once you get into it and I enjoyed this. It's a three-quarter sleeve, with deep v neck, ideal for spring wear so I hope to be putting it on this week. For buttons I raided my button box for odd left-overs. Thrifty and quirky!
I went to the woolshop to get a zip for a tunic I've made. But being a yarn addict, I couldn't resist the bargain box and picked up 8 skeins of Noro Silk Garden Chunky at a discount. Like everything else, this yarn is going up in price for the new season, by about 70p a ball, so I feel extra virtuous. That's my excuse anyway. So this yarn is going into my stash until later in the year or until I think of the perfect pattern, whichever happens first!

I often find the choice of yarn overwhelming in a yarn shop, and rather like the restriction of ferreting out yarn from the bargain box to see what I can make from it. Another project from bargain box yarn is the Top Au Crochet I made last year, which is actually the most popular project on this blog! That cost a few pounds to make and I still have 2 skeins of the yarn left. I can't visit the shop without buying something I didn't go in for, that's the sign of a real addict...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Projects for the Third Week of March

While I'm still finishing off a couple of projects, I've been progressing a couple of new ones. This is the start of Wray, a top down short sleeve cardi worked in laceweight. This is a perfect project for sitting on my small sofa with the cat by my side - she insists on this for a couple of hours in the evening and knitting with long needles is awkward as there isn't room for me, the cat and long needles! So a circular project is ideal. By the way, if you think I could dissuade the cat from this practice, you can't be a cat owner. Once she has decided she is going to sit there, nothing can stop her, she'll sit on the knitting or yarn, or pattern or pursue her game of "chase the row counter on the end of the needle".
And here's my swatch for the gansey. I tried out a few patterns, have decided on the moss stitch (top right), the cable and the diagonal thingies next to it. From this I should be able to do the maths and work out the stitch number for the gansey, which will be knitted on a rather lovely Knit Pro circular which I bought last week.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

1st Week of March 2011

This week I finished the trumpet skirt. I did adjust the pattern a bit - the flare isn't as wide and the skirt isn't as long as the pattern stated, but it's fine for me. Besides, by the time each row contained around 500 stitches I was losing the will to live. Also I decided to turn over the top of the skirt to thread a tie through rather than construct an elastic casing using yarn embroidered on the inside. It does make the skirt a little bulkier around the top, but I feel it is more secure and less prone to stretching. I'll be wearing long tops over it anyway, so there's no issue there.

What I noticed in the photo rather than on the skirt itself is how the yarn patterning changes as the rows (or rounds, rather) got longer; from large drifts of colour to thin stripes. An interesting effect. So now I'm looking forward to the warm weather when I can wear it.

This week my yarn arrived from Frangipani. Gorgeous stuff, 5 ply guernsey yarn and I'm feeling very virtuous as it's 100% British wool, spun in Yorkshire. This colourway is olive and a lovely deep colour.

It's destined for a Christmas Gansey for my Other Half - yes, I know I'm starting early but he is over 6 feet tall and this is going to be knitted on 2.25mm needles so I need to get going this spring! I actually haven't got a pattern sorted yet, so the next task is to look at stitch patterns and designs, then knit some swatches to work everything out. Then final approval for the design from OH. Better get back to it then...