Sunday, 6 February 2011

Moving On

I've now finished my Mum's Christmas socks, here's a close up of the pattern. The yarn was Natural Dye Studio HT Blue Faced Leicester, nice to knit with and should be hard wearing too.
My sock marathon was completed by these - Schoppel Wolle 6 ply, perfect for Man Socks as it's tough and knits up quickly. There's a 10 cm difference in foot length between Mum's Socks and Man Socks - that's a lot of knitting! So that's the sock knitting over for now - I only do socks between September and January so I'm going to have a break from that.

Still on the needles - Sanquhar gloves, which have been sadly neglected of late. I'll get on with these now and at least they'll be finished by next winter! I'm also going to get back to spinning - still have one sheep fleece and half an alpaca to do.
But I'm also going to diversify - I also like embroidery and here's some work I finished years ago. It then sat in a drawer for two years before I got it framed.
Here's a close-up. Since it was framed in November, it's sat in bubble wrap behind the sewing machine. I think I know where it's going to go, but it means moving other things, so I keep putting it off.
I went through my stash cupboard recently and retrieved this project: about 12 years ago I found a linen tablecloth in an antique shop. It's printed with a pattern (you can just see bits of it at the top of the picture) and apart from a very small section which had been ripped out, hadn't been worked. Here's one of the corners, which I completed recently.
And here it is draped over the ironing board for scale. You can just see the corner pattern at the bottom. The main pattern is in a big circle around the middle of the cloth, and it's a lot of sewing, I reckon around a year's worth at least.
So I'm going to use up all the odds and ends of threads I've collected over the years rather than buying new. My plan is to do each corner with a different colour theme and then work the centre section around the colour wheel, somehow. Not sure how that will work yet, but there's plenty of time...

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