Friday, 4 February 2011

More for the Stash Cupboard

Today I went to the Manchester Stitch and Craft show with my Mum, a bit of a day out on a dark, wet and windy late winter day. We don't go to this show every year, there's not usually much knitting there, it's mostly paper crafts and embroidery. But it was worth it to find a few special things. Above is the first of my bargains - a pack of 10 x 100g Araucania Ranco Multy at a very reduced price.
And this is Araucania cotton, 11 hanks in total.
And this is also Araucania cotton, looks like 11 or 12 hanks in here - I don't want to open the pack as they'll all fall out. These are all for my stash cupboard, the only problem being that the cupboard is full! Also there is a large bag under the table in the corner which the cat uses as a trampoline to get on and off the windowsill, so no room under there. So I think these are destined to go on top of the wardrobe for a little while. I don't want to open them as if I do, I'll want to knit them up and I have too many other projects to finish first.
And finally, a lovely hank of lace yarn from Erica Downs at Debonnaire, along with a shawl pin. I've been promising myself a shawl pin since I knitted my first shawl last year, so I finally got there.

So now, I must, must, must get on with my unfinished projects before starting these lovely yarns...

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