Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fourth week of February 2011

Here's a picture of my Sanquhar (Prince of Wales) Glove - I've finished the spot banding above the wrist rib and started the pattern proper. You can see the shaping of the glove really well in this photo, a narrow wrist, widening naturally in the spot banding as you leave the rib behind, then a few stitches added for width just before the pattern starts.

I was feeling quite pleased with myself until shortly after I took this photo. I was looking at the pattern and preparing to start the thumb shaping when I thought "Hang on, this is the left glove and I'm following instructions for the right glove". Aargh! So I flicked to the back page of the pattern and found that while it is the same up to the end of the spot banding, after that it changes. I really, really hate pulling work back, especially tiny stranded work like this, so rather than pull it back all the way, I got my thinking cap on. The instructions say that for the left glove you read the pattern rows from the end and work back to the beginning (being an old UK pattern, the rows are all written out in full). Up to the start of the thumb shaping, the pattern is the same repeat all the way round so if I move the start of the round back (or forward, not sure which) one stitch so I start with the orange instead of the brown, I may have rectified the problem without taking it all the way back. Will have to sit down and try it out tomorrow...

After that moment of panic, I got out my lace cardi and found a bunch of stitches had dropped off the end of the needle. Of course it would be the row with all the yarn overs and passed over stitches, wouldn't it? Still, it's an easy pattern so won't take too long to reconstruct.

The lace cardi is nice but I do have to look at it while I knit, so here is my TV knitting project. This is the Araucania cotton I bought at a reduced price a couple of weeks ago, and I really like the clouds of colour it creates, very pretty. Given the strong shades, I decided to make a skirt with this - the Trumpet Skirt by Joan McGowan-Michael from Knitting Lingerie style. I had trouble with the gauge, but a quick scoot round Ravelry showed that pretty much everyone else had too. Allowing for the one stitch difference in gauge using the circulars I'd chosen, and for the fact that American sizes tend to be more roomy, I decided to knit one size down from my measurements, and it's looking about right. The top is the garter stitch edge at the bottom of the photo, the shaping runs along the yarn-over "stripes" you can see, though at the moment I'm knitting the straight bit.

So I'm hoping the rest of my knitting this week will contain a little less drama...

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