Saturday, 1 January 2011

Old and New

Today I got a couple of old projects off the needles. First was this lace sweater which was a Christmas present for my Mum, but infuriatingly I ran out of yarn a few inches from the end. I got another ball of it on Thursday, and it didn't take long to finish off. The colours are spectacular, but King Cole Riot isn't a yarn I'd use myself due to its high acrylic content; I'm a very efficient generator of static electricity and so don't wear anything with more than a very small percentage of artificial fibres. I find the cat objects to receiving an electric shock when I stroke her...
And I also finished these socks which I started back in October. It was my first use of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn and will also be my last use of this yarn for socks. The characteristic unevenness of Noro isn't very suited to socks, and I found this a hard knit, glad to have them off the needles. They'll be very warm and thick, but not ideal socks.
When I was in Manchester the other day, I perused the yarn in the sale for a little something for myself. I settled on this Austermann Alpaca Silk, which is 80% alpaca and 20% silk and an aran weight. I really like this; it's pleasant to knit with and has a lovely sheen. I've never come across Austermann before, but if it wears as well as it looks, I might try some more.

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