Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Bayberry Wrap

After four months of work, my Bayberry Wrap is now finished. This was a knit-along pattern for subscribers to The Knitter Magazine (pattern by Sarah Hatton).

I didn't knit my first shawl until last year, so I'm not a natural knitter of things like this. It's 2.5m long and if I'd read that before I started, maybe I wouldn't have picked up the needles! But the great thing about doing a large piece of work in sections is you don't see it all at once and you get a break from it between issues. I really enjoyed this pattern, it was something completely different for me. The yarn is undyed blue-faced leicester.

Since I spend all my time at home, not in overheated offices, I do feel the chill when I sit down in the afternoons, particularly in late spring/early summer when it's too warm for central heating but not quite warm enough, so this will be ideal for those times. And it certainly does "wrap" you up!

Blocking this was rather a challenge - it was too big for my standard blocking cloth, so I cobbled something together using a duvet cover, an ironing board, a chair and several cushions. Even so I didn't manage to get it completely flat as I live in a matchbox-size house and I wouldn't have been able to walk around the living room if it was laid out to its full length!

The photo was also problematic - in the end I threw my recently woven rug over the inner hall door, laid the wrap on top, opened the front door and stood outside!