Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Knitting Frustration

There's nothing worse than running out of yarn, especially a few days before Christmas! I got a little over half way up this second sleeve before I had to stop. The yarn comes from 20 miles away and given the snow, I haven't had time to go and get more but am planning to next week. So Mum will have to wait for me to finish this next week. I'd already finished one of her presents, so it's not like she'll be without a present on Christmas day.
So I've now got time to finish the second of this pair of socks for my Other Half. The yarn is Zauberball and I really like it. It seems to go further than the earlier trial pair of socks I knitted for him, even though it's supposed to be the same length of yarn. It's taken me two attempts to get the sizing right for his strangely-shaped feet, which are rather out of proportion. He thinks his feet are perfectly normal, but they're very wide with a high instep and rather short for his height. Anyway, I got there eventually and have some more yarn for the next pair.

Happy Christmas, hope your Christmas Knitting has been more successful than mine!

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