Friday, 10 December 2010

Another Project off the Needles

This is the first part of Mum's Christmas present - a scarf knitted in Manos lace. The pattern came from Simply Knitting Christmas gifts, though what it was doing in Simply Knitting I don't know! A complex lace pattern, it was rather unclear on the method of construction and had errors in it too. Eventually I worked it out and while there are subtle differences between the first pattern and subsequent repeats, it's mostly in the number of stocking stitch rows between parts of the pattern. It's my first try using a proper laceweight yarn and I'm very pleased with it. The picture above shows it pinned to a cloth on my ironing board for blocking.
Yesterday I went to the local small town to do some Christmas shopping, and popped into an antiques/vintage/allsorts place, as I habitually do. One of the stall holders does buttons and bits of knitting/sewing stuff, and I always buy vintage buttons from there rather than new ones. She sometimes has knitting needles and last time I went I found a set of 4 long (i.e. sweater-size) 3.25mm (10) dpns. I'm not altogether fond of circulars as I find the weight distribution of a large sweater unwieldy, so I keep an eye out. No more needles yesterday, but I did find this lovely piece of crochet, worked in a variegated cotton yarn on a tiny hook. Beautiful work, I might try to figure out how it's made and replicate the pattern.

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