Thursday, 18 November 2010

First Christmas Knitting finished

This week I've finished the first Christmas sweater. I'm quite pleased with it, but I think I need to do some more fitting on the collar - it was shaped using short rows and I didn't find it quite satisfactory. I've put it aside for now so I can have a think about it. But I do like the rib pattern - a combination of slip stitch and twisted rib, which is rather good for a man's sweater, I think.
Today I finished my first Sanquhar glove of the season, completing the thumb. You may notice that there is a clear line where I picked it up. It's quite odd, looks like the orange yarn was knitted a bit tight on the lower part of the thumb, whereas I've knitted it more loosely on the top. I'm hoping it will even out a bit in the blocking - the orange yarn is an oiled machine yarn and should bloom slightly when it's washed. There are a couple of errors in the pattern, which I will correct using swiss darning. So I hope to do the second one perfectly!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Noro Sweater No 2

I've now finished my second Noro sweater, and here it is. It's pattern 08 from Noro Catwalk 2 by Jenny Watson. A gentle cable and lace pattern, easy to learn. The sizing is generous, could have made a size smaller I think, but it fits well anyway. I only did 88 stitches for the sleeves instead of the 98 recommended.
The thing about Noro is that sewing up can be difficult, if you don't want to have obvious stitches running along the seams. The way I handle it is a little like mattress stitch, but on the wrong side. By running the needle through the border stitches and pulling tight, it creates an invisible seam.
Here it is - the seam was worked in green (you can just see a little of it at the bottom) but it's completely invisible on the blue and pink. Anyway, I love this sweater and a bit of colour is welcome on yet another wet and stormy day here in north-west England.

Monday, 1 November 2010

A Noro treat for me...

I'm generally very thrifty in my yarn purchases, seeking out bargains wherever I can find them, but following a bit of luck, I decided to splash out on something luxurious for me. I love Noro, but it is pricey. Still, a little over a week ago I decided to throw caution to the winds and buy a new Noro design book, along with enough yarn for two sweaters. This first one is Number 10 from Noro Catwalk Two, by Jenny Watson. I lengthened the body slightly, shortened the sleeves but still had 100g of Silk Garden left over, which was surprising. Once I got my head around the pattern, it was an easy knit too. Gorgeous.