Sunday, 17 October 2010

A crafting weekend

So here's my Sanquhar glove, first finger finished. It's very snug around the hand, a better fit than the Duke one I made last year. The fingers are very fiddly and take some time. The wrist is a bit loose - will see if I can do anything about that with the next one. Anyway, so far, so good.
This is a crochet garter, from a 19th century pattern which is intriguing if a little vague. I think I know how it's supposed to work, but will only find out when it's finished.
And this is something I made using the left over short bits of fleece which were too short to spin. I find sleeping with two pillows too much, but sometimes one pillow isn't enough, so this is a small pillow stuffed with wool which should give a little extra depth but not too much.
I went to John Lewis in the Trafford Centre this week and while there spotted this - a tatting shuttle. Tatting is something I've wanted to do for years, so I've started learning, with mixed results so far. Perhaps by next week I'll have more idea.