Sunday, 5 September 2010


I made this sweater out of Rowan Summer Tweed several years ago but haven't really worn it much recently, plus it had a hole on the front, so I decided to recycle it. I was a bit disappointed with summer tweed - I found it lost its shape rather easily, particularly on certain kinds of stitch patters such as the moss stitch you can see above. So it became rather baggy and shapeless.

After several hours of unravelling, here is the yarn ready for re-knitting. Since I know a shaped garment is a no-no with this yarn, and the yarn is old, I've decided to make a stole out of it as shape won't matter. Just need to decide on stitch pattern.
I've also picked up my balwen skirt again - I'm 3/4 of the way up the front now (already done the back), but it's hard going as the yarn is stiff and I'm knitting to a tight gauge so I can only do a couple of hours. The stitch markers you see in the photo above are recycled old earrings - very effective and very cheap.

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