Wednesday, 29 September 2010


The thing about Sanquhar gloves is they are addictive, I mean, really hard to put down. The photo above shows the pattern (Prince of Wales) developing nicely, with a tidy thumb gusset - the gusset seems better to me than the one on the Duke gloves, but that could just be me. Anyway, you can see the chequerboard pattern.

Working on 5 needles is much better than 4 and I'm happier with the quality of this work than I was with the Duke pattern.
Here's a close-up of that pattern. This pattern is highly detailed, with every row written out in full, for understandable reasons. If you lose concentration, this is what happens...
This section is one stitch out, it was at the beginning so I couldn't "read" the stitches as I hadn't done a full repeat. I thought about pulling it back, but pulling back tiny two colour stitches as far as I needed to didn't fill me with enthusiasm. I'm not a perfectionist, so decided that I would fix it using swiss darning at the end - it will be a quick job and I have done this before for the odd mistake in fairisle patterns.

Still, what this brought home to me was the need for absolute concentration. Knitting this small is a bit tiring, but it's the mental tiredness that gets to you, so I spend up to an hour a day on it now - enough to do 4 to 6 pattern rows.

So, having done today's stint, I'm now going to start Other Half's christmas sweater - he has pronounced himself satsfied with the colour and yarn I selected last week. Onwards...

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