Saturday, 7 August 2010

First alpaca blend

I started on my new fleeces this week; here is the first skein. I did one ply of the Texel/Gritstone and one of alpaca (which shows as the darker colour in the strand). I've never mixed fibres before so this was interesting; I washed this first skein so I could see the results, warts and all. Learning points? I need to be more consistent in the thickness of both plies, but the biggest issue was overtwisting the alpaca. This has left the yarn a little unbalanced in places as the alpaca is overtwisted while the Texel is a bit more relaxed. I'm really not sure if this blend is going to work at all, so I think for now I'll concentrate on doing a two-ply texel instead. I suspect the alpaca might work better with the blue faced leicester, which is more similar in texture.

NB Texel is a common sheep breed round here, it's a sheep bred for meat rather than fleece, so Texel based sheep fill a lot of the fields around me.

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