Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Top au Crochet

Today I finished this crochet top. I've always been predominantly a knitter, but in recent months have rediscovered my love of crochet, helped by some of the new and exciting patterns out there. Amazing to see a crochet magazine in the supermarket! I started this a while ago and have really enjoyed doing it. I found I couldn't get the gauge though I did get a bit tighter in my working after the first round or so, so I made the smallest size to compensate - it fits perfectly, stretching and contracting in all the right places.
The construction is simple - lots of motifs joined together, with an added edge containing a picot type motif. I couldn't wait to post these pictures so it's unwashed and unblocked, therefore a bit uneven in places. The pattern is in French on Ravelry ("Top au Crochet"), so if anyone wants a translation, let me know - it's quite simple really. I made it using yarn I found in the bargain box of my local yarn shop, so it is ultra inexpensive - cost about a fiver, I think. A very good buy.


  1. Now that is simply stunning. My kind of top. I was checking back through all your projects- you are incredibly productive. You make me feel like a slacker as the third tea cosy I started for my son weeks ago still has only one side. My grandma used to tat and it looked very much like the fine crochet you did. I never learnt that. My other grandma taught me to knit and hook rugs but I really wish I had learnt to crochet and tat.

  2. Thanks - I'm just finishing up another project now. I get a lot done while watching Wimbledon! Tatting, now that is something I want to do one day, when I have time...