Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Top au Crochet

Today I finished this crochet top. I've always been predominantly a knitter, but in recent months have rediscovered my love of crochet, helped by some of the new and exciting patterns out there. Amazing to see a crochet magazine in the supermarket! I started this a while ago and have really enjoyed doing it. I found I couldn't get the gauge though I did get a bit tighter in my working after the first round or so, so I made the smallest size to compensate - it fits perfectly, stretching and contracting in all the right places.
The construction is simple - lots of motifs joined together, with an added edge containing a picot type motif. I couldn't wait to post these pictures so it's unwashed and unblocked, therefore a bit uneven in places. The pattern is in French on Ravelry ("Top au Crochet"), so if anyone wants a translation, let me know - it's quite simple really. I made it using yarn I found in the bargain box of my local yarn shop, so it is ultra inexpensive - cost about a fiver, I think. A very good buy.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tiny Stitches

I finished this cross stitch work for my Mum - she started it 8 years ago and had done most of the flower pots but found the tiny pale stitches of the windows and surround were just beyond her. It's funny, but you can't see the picture at all when you work on it, only when it's done and photographed. She's going to get it framed for her house.
So then I tried my hand at tiny crochet - this is done with sewing thread and a tiny hook from the collection I got at a car boot sale some years ago. I'm planning on doing more of this kind of crochet now I've got the hang of it.

I also finally finished the Balwen fleece this week, another 50 yards of yarn destined for socks. So I've started on Blueface Leicester fleece now, which is a joy to spin after the challenges of the Balwen.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Balwen Skirt

A few days ago I put the first half of my Balwen skirt on the floor to (a) check the measurements as I have done it a different length to the pattern and (b) take a photo. I got the measurements done but while my back was turned as I went to get my camera, someone took up residence on it. So this is the photo I got - skirt plus cat who loves the smell of lanolin in my handspun wool!