Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sheep with a Hat

So there I was, trudging uphill to the post office with my parcels when I spotted a lamb which had an unusually dark head and neck for the sheep in this field. I took another look and thought his head looked a funny shape. Can you see what it is yet? Look closely, I mean really close. You see? Yes, this little lamb was clearly standing in the wrong place at the wrong time this morning when his mother felt the call of nature. She seemed rather unconcerned about having dumped (literally) on her offspring. Still, by now I expect it will be drying off nicely and it will come off then.

Speaking of local animals, I recently discovered some alpacas in the area when on one of my rambles. I got in touch with the owner and enquired about fleeces, so I now have a local source for alpaca and sheep fleece. I'm rather pleased at that!

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