Monday, 31 May 2010

A busy crafting week

I've managed to get lots done this week - the French Open tennis being on TV has helped, as while I love tennis I can't sit there doing nothing. So I finished this cardigan, ideal for the cold spring we have had. I saw this yarn (Patons Vintage) earlier this year in the bargain basket of my local woolshop and toyed with it every time I went in. Eventually a couple of weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and bought 14 balls of it, almost all that was left and then looked for a pattern to use it. It's an aran yarn, so a quick knit. I should have knitted the smaller size though - in UK sizing I tend to knit a generous size to ensure it's wide enough up top but I forgot that American sizing is already generous!
This finally arrived - my Mum bought a subscription to The Knitter magazine as my birthday present, and 2 skeins of The Yarn Yard fuschia yarn were the welcome gift. We waited and waited and it didn't arrive, so they eventually sent a replacement. Have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but will think about it for a while.
I'm trying to clear the decks and get through my stashbusting projects before the next winter, so this week I also finished off these granny squares with left over 4 ply, mostly from socks over recent years. I've only little bitty bits left now, so this will go in the back of the cupboard until I accumulate more yarn.
And this yarn - Bergere de France coton a tricoter - was also a bargain basket buy. I got 5 balls of this some months ago, and wanted to use it this summer, so hunted round to find a pattern. I found one in French on Ravelry which I really like, so got another couple of balls of the yarn (the last ones!) and have started on it this week. I'll translate the pattern as I go, it's not difficult and the top will be a bargain at £5.25!

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