Saturday, 20 March 2010

More Crochet

I've been getting into crochet a lot lately, and here's another flower design from the excellent Queenieamanda. It's called Begonia and is simply lovely. I've also been working on other crochet projects, more of that in my next post.
For my spinning this week, I've been working on a sample of fleece which I got free a long time ago. I couldn't read the breed on the bag, but it was ready washed - too washed for my liking. Lanolin makes wool easier to spin and this was very dry; in addition because it was a little over processed, I couldn't card it perfectly and was left with little slubs in the roving. I tried to get them out, but eventually conceded defeat and decided to spin it with the slubs in for a thick n thin yarn. Actually I think it will look quite nice when it's dyed as the slubs will pick up the dye differently. Also had a small length of singles over, as you can see from the photo.

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