Friday, 5 February 2010

Honeycomb Bag

This is my latest creation, made from the left over vintage cotton I had after my previous project. Actually, there's still a bit left, hope to be able to get a pair of socks out of the remnants!

I had these handles lying around, and thought I would make something to fit them. The pattern is officially called "hexagon" but I think it looks more like a honeycomb. This was fun to do - the pattern is available on Ravelry ($3.00) or you can contact me - for details if you would like to pay in sterling - £1.50.

So it's back to the socks and granny squares for me...


  1. I love this. The pattern is beautiful. Will check it out on ravelry. My knitting obsession has overtaken my gardening one ~ at least until springtime.

  2. Kate
    Thanks. I'm the same, but have found my knitting has taken over my life in the last year. I think it's Ravelry's fault, found myself browsing yarn on ebay last night - must get a life. Have you seen my gardening blog? Made a bit of a start this week...