Monday, 15 February 2010

Curious Hooks

I just noticed a discussion on Ravelry about vintage needles and hooks, and thought I'd share my favourites. I got a job lot of knitting needles and crochet hooks at a car boot sale some years ago. I occasionally add to my collection with finds from antique shops - most recently a set of 2.00 mm long dpns, which are not common.

But it's my set of crochet hooks which is most interesting. A lot of them are incredibly fine, for working something of the thickness of cotton sewing thread - one day I will find out what they are for! The ones pictured above, however, are my favourites. Three of them are made of bone, I think, the one at the bottom has a beautiful turned base and must have been expensive when new. The one second from bottom is odd, looks like something has snapped off the end, but it's a nice hook. The one at the top is really unusual, has a hook at each end of a different size. Economical and practical, after all you don't use one end of the hook, unlike a knitting needle.

The metal one in the middle is an example of the very fine metal hooks I have, but this has been adapted for someone who was clearly find it difficult to use, as she got older perhaps? It has padding around the handle, secured with cotton or linen thread, and most unusually, a metal button soldered onto the middle to provide a firm grip. Every time I look at this I wonder about the woman who used it, it's a little bit of history in my hand.

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